A Cookie is a little bit of information (little content record) sent from our site and put away on your PC or any gadget utilized by your program while you are perusing the web.

We use Cookies for:

Specialized reasons, to guarantee Site’s usefulness.

Investigative reasons, to examine guest’s information, for example, the area you access the Site from, your IP address, the date and time you got to the Site or the URL of the site you originated from (in the event that you clicked a connection there that carried you to the Site). This information encourages HoW to all the more likely adjust our substance and the site content with your requirements.

The legality of handling is based on your assent, which is communicated when you permit Cookies to be introduced on your gadget.

2.2 Contact Form

At the point when the Site User fills and presents the ‘Reach Us Today’ structure accessible on the Site, HoW Processes beneath Personal Data so as to get in contact with the Site User:


Organization name and office

Email address

Phone number

The legality of handling depends on the Site User’s assent, which is explicitly given by tapping on the ‘Send Message’ button just underneath the structure. The Site User can pull back the given assent whenever by sending a solicitation to [email protected]

3. For how long do we store your information?

The term for which we store your Personal Data depends on the accompanying rules:

However long it is important to satisfy the reason for which it was gathered.

However long it is important to agree to legitimate and administrative necessities.

On account of treats, as long as you agree to the assortment of treats.

4. Information move to outside the EU or EEA.

No Personal Data is planned to be moved to any nation outside of the EU. In case of such exchange expecting to happen, HoW will guarantee the insurance of your Personal Data by executing the European Commission Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) for information moves from information regulators in the EU to information regulators or processors set up outside the EU or EEA.

5. Security

HoW has actualized and keeps and keeps up proper safety efforts to shield your Personal Data from any break of security that could prompt the unintentional or unlawful annihilation, misfortune, adjustment, unapproved divulgence of, or admittance to, Personal Data communicated, put away or in any case handled.

Despite the abovementioned, the Internet isn’t a danger free climate and HoW can’t ensure that the data that has been given to us won’t be gotten to by an unapproved party. In case of this event, HoW observes the standard cycle arranged for such circumstances and informs the Site Users in a way that it is needed by the appropriate security laws.

6. Your privileges as Data subject

As a Data subject, you as the Site User have the accompanying rights:

To get to and acquire a duplicate of your information on demand;

To require HoW to change erroneous or fragmented information;

To require HoW to erase or quit preparing your information, for instance where the information is not, at this point fundamental for the motivations behind handling;

To have a problem with the preparing of your information where HoW is depending on its genuine advantages as the legitimate ground for handling; and

Get the Personal Data you have given to HoW in an organized, normally utilized and machine-lucid organization.

7. Step by step instructions to submit a question

On the off chance that you are discontent with the manner by which your Personal Data has been prepared regarding the utilization of the Site, you are in the principal occurrence urged to contact HoW by utilizing the email address definite in the Controller area above.

Should you stay disappointed with the measures for curing the circumstance embraced by HoW, you can document a grumbling with the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner at Malta for a choice in the issue.